Soundstage Call for Project


Always in the search to combine creation in all its forms, Studio CityGate will dedicate its basement to the sound, the rhythm, the melodies, in short to the music ... And to make it possible we launch this project call in order to gather several groups, labels, production houses and artists to invest the place and make this spot the largest independent studio in Anderlecht.

Recording studio, mixing room, rehearsal room, radio, these are not the possibilities that are missing ... The space of more than 1000 m2 is already divided into partitioned and glazed modules of different sizes according to the needs of each project.

This level of CityGate Studio will be entirely reserved for its residents and their guests. It will be up to everyone to soundproof his space. Studio CityGate is taking charge of the redevelopment of common areas.


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There are 10 separate spaces to invest, your proposal may involve one or more of them. Please refer to the plan. (The # 2 and # 3 can be paired). Here ranked by room size and monthly rent.

# 3, # 5, # 6, # 7: 40 m2 for a rent of 240 € (1 month of Franchising)
# 4: 85 m2 for a rent of 480 € (2 months of Franchising)
# 10: 100 m2 for a rent of 530 € (2 months of Franchising)
# 2 and # 8 # 9: 110 m2 for a rent of 550 € (2 months of Franchising)
# 1: 160 m2 for a rent of 790 € (2 Months of franchise)

Candidates and selected projects will have a period of 1 to 2 months of deductible depending on the size of the space to be able to install, soundproof and furnish their space at the end of which they will be required to put their space as defined in their project.





If you are interested in this opportunity, we invite you to visit the place,

Friday, March 30, from 10am to 4pm.

At the end of this visit, if the adventure tempts you, you will receive an application file to complete and return before April 15th.

To register for the visit day and validate your participation in this call for projects, please fill in the following form:

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Feel free to use the comments below to share your questions. We will try to be able to answer you the best during the visit. And maybe even before in those same comments.