NAMUN GROUP is the consolidation of different artist services. 

These artist services are presented in a wide range, especially with the divisions NAMUN MANAGEMENT, NAMUN BOOKING, NAMUN EVENTS, NAMUN RECORDS, NAMUN MEDIA and NAMUN SCHOOL. 

Present day, life is strongly marked by the dominance of globalization. To stay afloat in the turmoil of this changing and fast-paced world, each individual must exercise maximum flexibility and adaptability. 

However, this trend towards globalization runs the risk of ignoring or forgetting and individual's sense of identity, culture and history. 

NAMUN GROUP wants to collaborate with all music professionals (in the world) to promote intercultural exchanges and mixtures and thus support young artists while promoting the know-how of the elders. 

In his efforts to promote a better understanding of West African culture and the need to preserve it, the founder N'Faly Kouyaté gives lectures and holds discussion groups on different aspects of this subject. These lectures are delivered through his organization, NAMUN GROUP.