Tchouc Bag

Tchouc Bag


Designed by La Gadoue, The Tchouc Bag is the result of a research of natural rubber coating on linen canvas. This new composite material is a vegetal alternative to leather, waterproof and strong enough to face daily adventures of urban life. Meant to be very functional and easy-going, these oversized bags are also unique pieces that carry the expression of their manual production.

Attention, due to the unique and random character of the product, although each bag represents the same manufacture in its materials and size, the colors and patern will always be sightly different.

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As a reaction to the increasing digitalization of our world, La Gadoue is making objects that tend to reconnect people to their material environment. Eloïse and Audrey are bonding craft and industry by reinventing technics and processes.

Their products are made to last long and break free from ephemeral trends. Being designers first and foremost, La Gadoue is using ceramics and textiles as a medium for experimentation. Audrey & Eloïse had set ther studio at CityGate since 2017.