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This form must be filled by all CityGate Residents. With the resident section available in our news feed, this is the best way to let people know each other… Our little yellow pages!


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You may also have a look to our resident policy:


Studio Citygate a ouvert ses portes dans une ancienne usine de 22.000 m², au 152 rue des Goujons à Anderlecht. CityDev Brussels a conclu un partenariat avec la SPRL Entrakt afin d’y accueillir pour une première période de cinq années, des ateliers d’artistes, un pôle culturel social et économique, des équipements collectifs sportifs et culturel. Le Studio City Gate est un laboratoire, une inspiration de quartier, balisant l'ambition de ce renouveau en offrant à sa commune un lieu unique, propice à une vie urbaine riche et en phase avec son époque.

All users will be required to sign a general contract for using the Studio. This ‘Charter of Participation’ is a guide on how we hope to use the Studio. 


Disputes and questions.  The executive team is available for all problems regarding the social, technical and financial day-to-day of the Studio. Issues should be taken to the executive, in person or online.

We do to them as they shall do unto you.  The Studio is an open and dynamic space that welcomes people from all walks of life. Sure, we welcome open debate and discussions. However we will not tolerate any form of harassment, violence or discrimination – whether it be sexual, racial, class or political. This also goes for harassing the cops, the fire brigade and public authorities. We are supporters of a constructive dialogue.

We may be alternative but we’re not an anarchist enclave.  We also will not tolerate exclusive groups that are not able to interact with others – we are a community. 


Play hard, work fun.  The Studio may be used all day and sometimes at night. It is a place to mix work and play. This means that sometimes we will be loud, sometimes we need to be quiet. Be flexible and let people know when there will be noise or other inconveniences and when you need peace and quiet. If you’re going to make loud noise (or music), find a spot where no one is being bothered by it.

Parties and events.  The Studio contains a number of semi-public spaces. Often there will be meetings, conferences, openings and parties. We must accept however, that there are certain limits to what can be done and when. Each floor has a certain capacity. Some events will not be compatible within a certain space or in conjunction with other events. Plan in events as soon as possible. Always get the general OK from the executive team first. If you were to host an event that has not been planned, you risk interrupting others. If you interrupt other users, and they complain, you’ll be given a warning – three (acceptable) warnings and unfortunately the relationship will need to end. If you host a spontaneous party without warning, we’ll take it as anarchy – we’re not anarchists. If you make a mess – clean it up. If you break something – fix it. That goes for the bi-products of a party or event (IE graffiti, broken toilets, doors and even theft).

Advertising & Graffiti.  We’re proud to be a grassroots advertising-free organization. This goes for narcissistic tagging, marking territories and anti-social defacing public spaces.  If you’re responsible – through a party or event that you hosted – you will need to clean it up or fix it. If you want to paint a space, proposals are welcome.

Drugs, arms + intoxication.  The Studio is not a refuge for drug-use or underground crime – the building risks closure if authorities find anything suspicious onsite. Drugs and arms therefore will not be tolerated in any way. Users must accept that in extreme circumstances, they may be searched (by public or private security). The building includes a range of different activities and contains large equipment which means that it can be at times dangerous. While we do not want to be party-poopers, visitors and users that are visibly intoxicated may be harmful to themselves or technology in the building. If found under the influence of any substance, you will not be granted entry or be asked to leave.

Trust thy neighbor – security, theft and waste.  The Studio (we hope) is not being monitored by the NSA, we work largely on trust. But trust is a delicate concept which means that security is required, at least as a back-up. All regular users of the private areas must be signed into the Studio and have signed the relevant codes of use. This applies to anyone outside the building trying to enter – DO NOT allow anyone into the building unless they are a user. If a building user has a visitor, they must be accompanied at all times by the signed user. If you notice something odd – we oblige you to contact the executive team. While we have security cameras, we’d prefer not to feel like someone is constantly looking over our shoulders!

Sharing is caring!   If you are using the space for temporary events (such as a film shooting, a private party, a business event or exhibition) it is fair to leave something behind relative to the size of the event – every good relationship is about giving and taking. This could be a piece of furniture, some drinks, a painting or some money to fix up the garden and in this way we can build the project as people use it. This applies to programmed events that are not open to the public. Simply state what and how the event will contribute to the overall Studio project.

The Commons.  The Studio will eventually contain a range of ‘common spaces’, spaces that can be used by all such as the garden, the cafe, meeting spaces, toilets, stairways, corridors and so forth. These spaces are for your use and benefit so treat them as your own. If a bin is overflowing, please tell the executive team – common spaces are monitored and if you disrespect them (waste, graffiti, etc…) then we’ll assume that you’re not interested in being part of the Studio community.

We are family.  While we hope the Studio is a family environment, it is also a work place and can be dangerous for unaccompanied children and minors. All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult – with exception for those areas where an adult has signed a release form (for 16-17 year olds).

Emergencies.  For safety concerns, break-ins and theft, contact the executive team. For life threatening problems, such as fire, personal injury, persons sabotaging property, contact the relevant authority ASAP.

Use of the courtyard.  The courtyard space is for public use and while accessible, it is not intended as a carpark. For deliveries, feel free to park the vehicle or bike where it is not interrupting access.

Environment.  Generally leaving the lights on, making too much waste and pretending that Brussels is Bahamas during winter by blasting the heater, is not cool. But we want to take this one step further. We’d like to avoid waste and use the resources within the building as best possible. Be prepared to explore ways to use resources generated within the building – whether it be water from the roof or waste from your neighbour.

The zoo is in Antwerp.  Not everyone can tolerate sharing a space with animals and pets do not get the same level of training. With extreme exception, we would prefer you leave your animals at home, visit them in the wilderness or in Antwerp.

Sleep-overs.  The building is zoned ‘industrial’ which prohibits using the building as a hotel or residential area. Besides, if you’re going to ‘play hard and work fun’ at the Studio, we encourage you to go home for a proper rest.


Public Communications.  The Studio is an umbrella for many smaller organizations, hosting events and projects. The idea is that as a whole we are stronger than the sum of our parts. This means that we also must communicate collectively. If there is a public event being held at the Studio, make sure that the executive team is properly notified. We will also communicate it with the other building users where useful.

Communications with the building owner or authorities.  All communications with the building owner must occur through the STUDIO @Citygate II /Cureghem 10/11/16 | 39 executive team. We want to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. If the executive team has not taken your concerns seriously or in time, address the steering committee. If these channels don’t work, there may be a problem with the nature of the complaint or the building management – in this case look for support from fellow building users and approach the steering committee as a group.

Conditions for collaboration.  We not only strongly encourage collaboration within the building, we demand it. We want your commitment and are looking for your enthusiasm. We don’t want people hiding in a corner. Every year the users will be asked to explain how their project has contributed to the greater good of the Studio. We want to know what you’re doing so we can find opportunities to collaborate and engage interest in the Studio, don’t be shy!

Connection with the neighbours.  Good neighbors make good partners. By neighbors we refer not only to the residents of Cureghem, Molenbeek, St Gilles and Forest but also the larger group of neighbors. It can also refer to links with the public authorities and agencies.  If there are any problems with the neighbors – we want to know. Let the executive team know at your soonest. We may not be able to resolve all issues, but it is best we can be aware of problems and work out how to deal with them.

Trade in alternative currencies.  We welcome alternative ways of exchanging goods and services – this is something we’re developing and expect that all users are open to.

Parting ways.   Sometimes relationships were just not meant to be. While passionate love affairs are great on television, they can be difficult to manage and can be corrosive for the wider community. We don’t expect to be one happy family or create a utopia – but we hope that all the users and visitors are at the very least congenial. We’ll do what we can to make sure everyone feels supported and happy. But if a user or organization does not fit into the Studio, it may be best to simply accept that some relationships were not meant to be. The process is as follows:

  1. After three notifications, or a serious incident, you’ll be invited to discuss your position directly with the steering committee.
  2. The steering committee will decide how if there is an alternative.
  3. The building user will be asked to leave within a reasonable amount of time (subject to the problems discussed).

Issues such as theft, possession of any object or substance that could threaten the closure of the building and general anarchy will not be given a warning – this is just incompatible with the Studio’s objectives and you’ll be required to leave.

Transparency.  We don’t expect everyone to be an open book, however it is important to know what is going on. Communicate regularly what you are up to. When you’re hosting a public event, invite the Studio’s users. If you have a problem, openly communicate it. If there is public funding available where there could be unnecessary competition within the building, let us know. If you are going to rent out your space or take advantage of public spaces within the building, give something in return. The Studio will celebrate your success but may turn against you if you choose to be too private and hide your profits. By being open and transparent, we can gain much more, together.

Tours + visitors.  The Studio will be an inspiring place. Feel free to bring people to check it out. However, some areas are for exclusive access by building users and for various reasons we do not want the building to be freely accessed by absolutely anyone. If you want a full tour of the building, contact the executive team. This also goes for potential new users.